Mica products shines brightly on the silk road market.

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In the bustling markets along the Silk Road countries,As a global valued partners, STMAT mica insulation products are making waves. As essential components in the fields of power, electronics, and electrical appliance, they not only ensure equipment safety but also pave the way for technological innovation.

Outstanding Insulation Performance ——STMAT mica series products utilize stable and consistent mica paper and sheets, boasting excellent insulation properties. Whether in high temperatures, high voltages, or harsh environments, they reliably isolate currents, ensuring stable system operation.

Our hardworkding team continuously explores new applications for mica insulation products. From traditional small household appliances, mechanical equipment, furnace equipment to electric vehicles ,mica’s superior performance opens up new possibilities across industries.

Let’s move forward together, creating a brighter tomorrow!

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STMAT is a company registered in China working on mica and industrial insulation products. Our products covering from mica sheet, mica tape, jumbo roll, flexible mica slip plane materials for induction furnace, special parts, mica heating elements, plastic enclosures and fire sleeve, vacuum insulation panel and ceramic products.