Vacuum Insulation Panel for refrigerator,cool box, frozen transport, building​

  • VIP board(some call VIP panel) is the abbreviation of Vacuum Insulation Panel, which is a kind of vacuum insulation materials, STMAT VIP board is made of composite core material and vacuum protection surface layer, which effectively avoid heat transfer caused by air convection, the thermal conductivity can be deep reduced to less than 0.003w/mk,actually STMAT’s VIP is below 0.002w/mk now!


    STMAT’s VIP is free of any ozone depleting substances materials(ODS), with environmental protection and energy-efficient features, it is one of the world’s most advanced high-performance insulation materials.

    • Thickness range:5-35mm
    • Standard size: 1700*800mm ( special size is available for your request)
    • Thermal conductiveity: ≤0.003W/mK
    • Density: 280-330kg/m³
    • Inside vacuum: ≤ 1Pa ( Initial value)
    • Operating temp:-70-80℃ (max 120℃ ≤15min)


    VIP is mainly used for insulation of home refrigerator, yacht or car refrigerator, mini refrigerator, cryogenic freezer, electric water heaters, vending machines, freezers, refrigerated containers, building wall insulation and LNG storage and transportation.but it’s also good for cool box which we can see it widely used by people in the store or our home.


    VIP board advantages:

    Compared with other materials, VIP with its very low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation in the same technical requirements when the insulation layer thickness is thin, small size, light weight advantages for higher energy-saving products, have greater technical and economic significance .