• MICA TAPE 耐火云母带

    Quality assured A grade mica tapes


  • Fire resistant mica tape is a good quality electrical insulation material made of mica and reinforced fiberglass cloth, plastic film or other materials, with high temperature resin impregnated adhesive. The melting point of 1200 ~ 1300 ℃. The mica tape is used as a cable fire protection insulation layer, to ensure the cable still run a certain period of time after on file. According to the tape structure , mica tape can be classified into: double-sided, single-sided, triple complex, double film, single film etc. According to mica category it can be classified into : phlogopite mica tape , calcined mica tape and synthetic mica tape etc.


    Fire resistant mica tape has excellent high temperature resistance and combustion resistance . Applicable to all kinds of fire-resistant cables as main fire-resistant insulation layer. In the case of fire burning when there is no harmful smoke volatilization, so high-quality mica tape for cable fire is not only effective, but also safe. STMAT mica tape combined with actual requirements of world cable customers over many years, our mica tape meet mainstream cable customer technical standards, and offering following benefits:


    •Mica tape production process comply with IEC standards.

    •Mica tape keep consistent same quality, meet various technical requirements.

    •Mica tape surface without bubbles, pinhole, crease ,crack or other defects, easy to be separated.

    •Use high density glass fiber cloth, effectively increasing the tensile strength of mica tape for high-speed wrapping machine.

    •Use high-quality mica materials, keep the tape surface firm and not easy fall off.


    Our high quality mica tape classified 4 types as follow:
    ◆ST-MG: Single side reinforce phlogopite mica tape with glass fiber cloth ( Phlogopite Mica & Glass fiber cloth)
    ◆ST-MP: Phlogopite mica tape with PE film on single side (Phlogopite Mica & PE)
    ◆ST-CG: Single side reinforce calcincated muscovite with glass fiber cloth (Calcincated mica& Glass fiber cloth)
    ◆ST-SG: Single side synthetic mica tape with glass fiber cloth ( Synthethic mica & Glass fiber cloth)


    ◆ Resist extreme thermal stresses and give oustanding fire protection;
    ◆ Incombustible, asbestos free and do not create toxic gasses;
    ◆ Excellent tensile strength and shock resistance.


    ◆ Thickness:0.08mm-0.15mm
    ◆ Width:4.5mm-1000mm
    ◆ Length:300m 500m 1000m 2000m
    ◆ Standard cores:52mm 54mm 76mm 120mm