A grade rigid / flexible /Ultra-thick mica sheet

    硬质云母板、 柔性云母板、 超厚云母板

  • Mica plate is mica laminate designed for providing outstanding electrical insulation at high temperature, which consist of approximately 90% Muscovite (or Phlogopite) and 10% high temperature resistant silicone resin.



    ◆ Excellent thermal resistance, muscovite mica retain insulation properties at 500℃ and phlogopite mica sheet resistant temperature up to 750℃.
    ◆ Excellent electric insulation, normally the breakdown voltage is more than 15KV/mm.
    ◆ Excellent flexural strength and easy to be punched and machined.
    ◆ Environment safe. It is incombustible, asbestos and halogene free and does not create toxic gases.


    ◆ Thickness:0.1mm 0.15mm 0.2mm~1000mm
    ◆ Size:1000×600mm 1000×1200mm 1000×2400mm
    Thickness below 2.0mm can be punched,while above 2.0mm can be machined by agreement.


    Normally, the plate will be packed 50kgs per package with PP film, which is helpful to protect the board from moisture, then put it into a carton for export goods, we will put 20 cartons together on a wooden pallet, or into wooden box.


    No limitation under dry and room temperature.


    By the mica paper, resin and properties, mica plates have following types.
    ◆RM: Rigid muscovite mica plate
    ◆RP: Rigid phlogopite mica plate
    ◆RM-T: Rigid muscovite mica plate,ultra-thick
    ◆RP-T: Rigid phlogopite mica plate,ultra-thick
    ◆FM: Flexible muscovite mica sheet
    ◆FP: Flexible phlogopite mica sheet