Mica tube as good insulation sleeve materials for electrical industry

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Mica tube is widely used as insulation sleeve in hairdryer, air blower, hot gun and many equipment,device or elements, it has many strength compare with industrial ceramic tube products, which including good electrically insulation,anti rapidly temp change,not friable,size flexible,easy delivery, cheap cost, etc. If the user do not demand very high long term temperature environment over 1000℃, the mica tube will be a quite general choice for you.

The following is typical application in the hair dryer, heating elements sleeve to protect the core elements from high temp or leakage damage.

Some mini size mica tube are made for cable connector insulation, screw leakage protection etc.

STMAT mica division running business about mica products like sheet and tapes for many years, in the meanwhile, as a Chinese pioneer company with old history workshops on making mica part,elements and mica tubes, we have full series of mica tubes bring to the market.

Flexible length mica tubes from 1cm-120cm, by well conjunction craft we can make 200cm long tubes.

Flexible dia mica tubes from 4mm-300mm, or very special Dia over 300mm.

Flexible mica materials from muscovite mica,phlogopite mica,synthetic mica to bring multifunction mica tubes to different application. With our unique craft we can make special processing to keep mica tube waterproof.

The square mica tube is one of our special strength on the market. We can design and mold to make square mica tube to meet the special application and replace traditional products like wrapping tape where round tubes can not put inside.

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