STMAT all series mica tubes for electrical application

STMAT mica tube is made of stripped mica or mica paper with the appropriate adhesive adhesive in the single-sided reinforcement material, the rolling made of rigid tubular insulation material. It has a high mechanical strength, suitable for a variety of motors, electrical equipment in the electrode, rod or outlet casing insulation.

Our production of mica tube using mechanical production, the entire process of strict data monitoring, the product has a smooth inner and outer walls, roundness and good reputation, high strength, good density and so on. The maximum density of mica tube is up to 1.9-2.0g / cm³, length 10mm-1300mm, diameter size of 4mm-300mm.

Under normal circumstances, we are in accordance with the positive tolerance for inner diameter and negative tolerance for outer diameter as principle during production. At the same time we can produce tubes according to customer requirements, some special can be controlled within 0.2mm.


Muscovite mica tube is one of the most common mica tubes. In addition to the general muscovite mica characteristics, it also has a uniform density, stronger mechanical characteristics, and more suitable for long-term application, with temp up to 500°C.

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Our phlogopite mica tube net size can reach 1300mm, the density can reach 1.9-2.0, it can be long time used during the temperature up to 700 ° C, and short time temp can reach 1000 ° C. The color of phlogopite mica tube is divided into three items according to the mica ore, which include black, yellow and green respectively. We can produce different color phlogopite mica tube by customer requirements.

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Synthetic mica tube is made of special mica paper. Its temperature resistance can reach more than 1000°C.

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By years research and development, we has successfully developed square mica tube, with same quality like round tube, which successfully filled the market blank, our square mica tube length can be made more than 1200mm.

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Due the leading position in China mica products, STMAT INSULATION are happy to announce we can provide full series of mica tubes for electrical appliation and meet customers expectiation persistent.

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