STMAT flexible mica sheet

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STMAT flexible mica sheet

Flexible mica sheet has the similar composition with rigid mica plate. Both of such sheets are made of mica paper and silicone resin, after high temperature laminating pressed and form electrical insulation material. The difference between a flexible mica sheet and rigid mica sheet is the composition ratio, which help to achieve different insulation needs.

Flexible mica sheet can be classified into muscovite sheet and phlogopite sheet which have different temperature resistance levels.

Flexible mica sheets are mainly used for internal electrical insulation inside hair dryers, space heaters, circuit breakers, switches, resistors or induction furnaces. With the flexibility, it can be wounded or folded in some application which rigid mica sheet may not. In the meanwhile, it is easier to achieve the effect somewhere need reinforced mica tape but with cheaper cost. As a matter of fact, mica tape is a reinforced mica compound with good tensile strength with reinforced fiberglass layer, but mica tape is relatively expensive to users.

Available thickness: 0.1~2.0mm

Available size: 1000*600mm,1000*1200mm,1000*2400mm

Off-cut size can be custom made

Storage conditions: In dry, moisture-proof storage at room temperature, best use time within 2 years.



相比硬质云母板,软质云母板具备一定的柔韧性和可弯曲性,可以根据绝缘空间的需要改变形状,用户具备更大的使用空间。 软质云母板主要用于电吹风、空间加热器、断路器、交换机、电阻器和小型感应炉的内部电气绝缘。 因为软质云母板具备柔性,可在小空间内进行缠绕或者折叠,更容易用低成本完成原本需要云母带才能达到的效果。云母带因为加入了增强玻纤复合材料,具有更好的拉力,但成本相对较贵。





STMAT flexible mica sheet
STMAT flexible mica sheet