STMAT win new mica tape order again

mica tape, fire resistant, cable

In Nov,2020, STMAT has received mica tapes order from new customer outside China, Which means STMAT has gained more recognition in new regions. This order will be delivered within 2020. These high-quality mica tapes will be used in their new fire-resistant cable project.

ST-MG, mica tape, phlogopite,fire resistant, cables

We have been partially affected since the begining of epidemic, Fortunately China find way to control it. After April, orders for various industry have generally increased steadily. We worked hard to overcome the delivery problem and even won some new customers from second half of this year. It all thanks to China for controlling the epidemic and resuming work and production on a large scale.

On the other hand, it shows that STMAT's products are increasingly recognized by global insulation electrical customers.

ST-MG series high-quality fire-resistant phlogopite mica tape is made of special phlogopite paper as the base material, compounded with customized high-density glass fiber cloth as a reinforcing material, and it is mainly used as a fire-resistant insulation layer between the core wire and the outer sheath of a fire-resistant cable . It has feature of vert good fire resistance , suitable for global mainstream cable manufacturing.

STMAT is a company registered in China working on mica and industrial insulation products. Our products covering from mica sheet, mica tape, jumbo roll, flexible mica slip plane materials for induction furnace, special parts, mica heating elements, plastic enclosures and fire sleeve, vacuum insulation panel and ceramic products.