The definition of mica roll for tape insulation and furnace slip insulation

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Mica is widely distributed and occurs in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary regimes. The easy obtained advantage make mica products or mica based composite products to be a kind of ordinary and widely used insulation materials,we can see people laminated mica into sheet, plate form, or roll form, tape form, or some special form such as elements or components.

As we all know mica roll is one of insulation layer made by mica or combined with reinforced layer like fiberglass cloth, ceramic fiber cloth even some special layers, for different purpose of electrical insulation or thermal insulation.

The following photo is a typical production line to show how making mica rolls from mica paper. The whole line platform looks like a long distance equipment combination from 10-15meters, even longer, with mica paper input,gluing,drying and laminating,rolling process integrated. For some special products like ST-COMBI mica roll, it will need extra adhesive process. A good output mica roll with better insulation performance need to control mica paper ,glue,composite layer quality, gluing content, rolling speed and right temp process.

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When we sell mica roll products in the market, generally you will find too kinds of mica roll, one item is for cable or moto insulation, mostly for fire resistant cables, other item is for induction furnace core insulation, or slip plane materials. These two kinds of mica roll looks very like if you are not very familiar with such materials.

Give a simple comparison you will find mica rolls are different in appearance and character.

Mica roll for cable insulation is mostly done by tape form.It means we shall cut mica roll (in jumbo form) to different size tapes, so it can meet cable winding machines to wrap mica tapes on the wire, It need to be cut into tape anyway. Cable mica roll can be classified into phlogopite mica roll,calcined muscovite mica roll,synthetic mica roll, or complex mica roll with PE film. You can click to visit website for more useful information or inquiry online.

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But for other application, inside the induction furnace for melting or foundry industry, the mica roll sometimes we call it mica slip insulation materials, this kind of mica roll have many are primarily designed to separate refractory linings from the coil grout of coreless induction furnaces, extends the life of the crucible or refractory thereby reducing maintenance costs and down time,prevents excessive heat loss,or provides a security alarm system for molten metal leakage.

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As induction furnace mica roll, we classified products into many items, to meet market diversified application and demand. You can click to visit website for more useful information or inquiry online.


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