Be wise to pick up right mica sheet, here is a real case of STMAT

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By some feedback form Russia and India, they have got some bad quality soft mica sheet with bad bonding chemical, which most is made of epoxy bonding. The final result is same, the application where use such poor quality mica sheet or mica paper with epoxy adhesive will burns in a furnace at a temperature of more than 500 degrees Celsius, or even lower.

One customer send us their direct video to show the disappointed facts by poor quality mica sheet.

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The video shows the moment when the heater was baked in a furnace at a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius/power heaters 1 kW. After been taken out of the furnace,when electrical voltage was applied, it heated to 600 degrees Celsius and liquid flowed out of sheet surface,in the form of resin and sticky. And then comes a short circuit. As a result, the heating element damaged it can only be thrown into the trash.

STMAT recommends you do not unceremoniously choose mica supplier even it's not expensive materials,there always exist various source and price list in the market so not easy for real users to identify good one. We offering qualified mica sheets with standard process on raw stuff and keep monitoring on the performance. By comparison and verification,The Russia side turn to us and realized their problem of unclear source, now they are frequent user of mica products branding STMAT.

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