STMAT moisture proof mica products

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With strong background on mica insulation materials, STMAT developed and experienced special treatment on the mica products, which include mica plate, mica parts, mica ring,mica tube, so make all such special treated mica insulation can resist moisture in outdoor environment.

To some extent, special treated mica materials can be a good replacement of traditional porcelain insulators, and expand the advantage of mica products, which are clearly lighter, easy back up and cost save for the projects.

Here are thick treated mica rings shall be used on field heat equipment. With moisture-proof character, it could be make the equipment working long term during wet backgrounds and keep function well.

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Here are comparison of processed mica plate with unprocessed mica plate, with our special treatment, the mica plate can resist water vapor and working well during moist environment.

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Such special treated mica products have some application for China and global projects.

STMAT is a company registered in China working on mica and industrial insulation products. Our products covering from mica sheet, mica tape, jumbo roll, flexible mica slip plane materials for induction furnace, special parts, mica heating elements, plastic enclosures and fire sleeve, vacuum insulation panel and ceramic products.