FR4 / EPGC202 Epoxy glass laminated sheet committed to Europe

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G10/EPGC201 or FR4 / EPGC202 Epoxy glass laminated sheet are electrical alkali-free glass woven fabric base impregnated epoxy resin binder by processing under pressure and heat, which have extremely high mechanical strength, good dielectric properties, good electric strength properties and fine heat and humidity resistance.

In addition, FR4 sheet has anti-fire property.This sheet is made of glass fiber cloth impregnated with brominated epoxy resin and heated and pressurized. It has high mechanical properties, dielectric properties and flame retardant properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good machinability;

STMAT epoxy glass laminated sheets already widely used as structural parts in motors and electrical equipment, including various switches, electrical insulation, FPC reinforcement boards, carbon film printed circuit boards, computer drilling pads, mold fixtures,etc.