Mica parts in the medium frequency centrifugal casting machine for dentistry

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The medium frequency centrifugal casting machine for dentistry, is mainly used for melting and precision casting of all medium and high melting alloys including precious metals except pure titanium, various denture brackets, metal substrates for casting crowns, etc. in dental technicians' offices.

Generally used mica parts include HP-5 rigid muscovite mica plate, temperature resistance grade: continuous temperature resistance 500 ℃, intermittent 700-800 ℃, and HP-8 rigid phlogopite mica plate intermittent temperature resistance is not more than 1000 ℃. They are mainly used in electric irons, hairdryers, toasters, coffee pots, microwave ovens, electric heaters, etc.

However, some metallurgical equipment needs higher and more durable temperature resistance conditions, in this case, STMAT generally recommends the use of thick synthetic mica plates, which can sustain a temperature resistance of 900 ℃ and intermittent temperature resistance of 1000 ℃, which are ideal for use in metallurgical chemical industry in industrial frequency furnaces, medium frequency furnaces, casting machines, injection molding machines, etc.

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