Mica heating elements for dry thermal radiators

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STMAT offers full solution to mica heating frame and elements for dry thermal radiators, which has most advanced heating function and good character in the home heater market today. Comparing with traditional fluid filled radiators, dry electric radiators take many obvious advantage which include:

  • Fast heat 
  • Stable and continuous radiating
  • Low electricity bill and low maintenance cost
  • Easy control and build-in by yourself

Inside such dry electric radiators, there is the core of heating- heating frame and heating elements, we use high quality mica plate as insulators and put heating conductor inside the mica plate with good design. Outside, put stone or metal plate as shield to keep mica heater reach better heating performance.

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STMAT is a company registered in China working on mica and industrial insulation products. Our products covering from mica sheet, mica tape, jumbo roll, flexible mica slip plane materials for induction furnace, special parts, mica heating elements, plastic enclosures and fire sleeve, vacuum insulation panel and ceramic products.