ST-COMBI mica roll,mica foil

phlogopite,micafoil, thermal,Ceramic fiber

ST-COMBI (mica slip plane foil) is combination of phlogopite mica,reinforced by glassfiber cloth and ceramic fiber layer, which make the most heat resistant to over 1000°C.
Roll width is 1000 mm, and length can be 20/25/40+ meters for single pack.
Such rolls have relatively low density than sheets so it's easier to cut for certain size of different furnaces.

ST series mica roll are primarily designed to separate refractory linings from the coil grout of coreless induction furnaces. ST-COMBI can prevents excessive heat loss for special purpose.

Such mica foils are widely exported to Europe, Asia pacific countries, ME region.

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STMAT is a company registered in China working on mica and industrial insulation products. Our products covering from mica sheet, mica tape, jumbo roll, flexible mica slip plane materials for induction furnace, special parts, mica heating elements, plastic enclosures and fire sleeve, vacuum insulation panel and ceramic products.