ST-BioCombi mica roll with bio safe ceramic paper

ST-combi 2.5, bio safe ceramic paper, mica roll

mica roll, ST-BigCombi 2.5

ST-BioCombi mica roll is made of phlogopite mica paper( with glass fiber cloth) and ceramic fiber paper on each side. It's one kind of ST-RMGC series mica roll (refer to

ST-BioCombi mica roll use biological safe soluble ceramic paper as base refractory material with one side stick glass fiber reinforced mica paper, the mica roll thickness is generally 2.5mm with 2.0mm ceramic paper + 0.5mm mica paper, but other thickness can be available by different application purpose. We name this mica roll by thickness, like ST-BioCombi 2.5 or ST-BigCombi 2.3.

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ST-BioCombi use high standard bio safe ceramic paper from certified supplier, where we keep highly requirements on the ceramic quality and make our mica rolls more strength on the surface flatness, glue uniformity, good tear resistance, low heat capacity and excellent thermal insulation, most import is, it does not contain any corrosive substances. 

The ceramic roll paper consists mainly SiO2, and small portion of CaO, MgO,. which make it has advantages of conventional alumina / silica refractory ceramic fibers, it's harmless to human body and dissolvable.

biosafe ceramic roll for ST-biocombi mica roll