STMAT Mica Ceramic Roll,a good solution for Refractory Lining Insulation

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STMAT supply four items of mica roll for refractory lining insulation,which means:

◆ ST-RMG: phlogopite mica paper with glass fiber cloth on one side.

◆ ST-RMGM: phlogopite mica paper with glass fiber cloth inside.

◆ ST-RGMG: phlogopite mica paper with glass fiber cloth on double sides.

◆ ST-RMGC: phlogopite mica paper with glass fiber cloth and ceramic fiber paper on each side.

The last ST-RMGC mica roll is made with phlogopite mica paper and ceramic fiber paper, it's a good solution for separate refractory lining from coils in induction furnace.

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Mica roll work as a layer insulation between coil and molten metal. So when use ST-RMGC inside, the ceramic layer prevents excessive heat loss and provide vapor barrier against carbon gas.It protects the coils against overheating and provide superior slip plane properties, while protecting the coils from expansion and contraction force during the lining campaign. Additionally, mica ceramic roll facilitates the push out of worn lining (crucibles).

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