STMAT mica roll is your best option of thermal insulation for induction furnace

mica roll, mica combo, mica laminate in roll form

The copper coils in induction furnaces are protected by concrete wall beneath refractory (thermal insulation). Removal of the worn refractory material with a hammer drill is expensive and may cause damage. A tear-resistant, mica roll layer enables separation of residual refractory from the concrete wall when pushed out and in such protects the coil, elongates service life of the refractory in the crucible and reduces maintenance costs.

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Mica roll ( special mica laminate in roll form) is a very good thermal insulation materials widely applied into induction furnace. We know there are generally two options for mica laminates, phlogopite roll (looks dark brown) and muscovite roll ( looks white), and STMAT mica roll is only made by phlogopite roll due its high temp characteristics is far better than muscovite roll. Our phlogopite mica roll have four items for the market, thickness from 0.2-0.8mm, ,breakdown voltage is above 15kv,tensile strength is above 200N/15mm and temperature resistance is about 800℃.

The four items of mica rolls are different by the form or mica paper, glass fiber cloth and ceramic fiber, the difference to meet different application for furnace thermal insulation.

◆ ST-RMG: phlogopite mica paper with glass fiber cloth on one side.
◆ ST-RMGM: phlogopite mica paper with glass fiber cloth inside.
◆ ST-RGMG: phlogopite mica paper with glass fiber cloth on double sides.
◆ ST-RMGC: phlogopite mica paper with glass fiber cloth and ceramic fiber paper on each side.

As a global quality assured mica insulation company, STMAT only use qualified mica paper, high strength well woven glass fiber cloth or ceramic fiber cloth to make mica roll, to bring very good thermal protection performance, long life and save your maintenance cost.

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