STMAT offer you all series of mica heating elements

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STMAT is an leading insulation materials provider and designer in China,we are working on mica insulation materials mostly and we supply the world many derivative products based on mica or epoxy glass, fiber glass.In the mica area, STMAT not only offer the world very competitive mica tapes, mica sheet and rolls, we also design, manufacture and ship almost millions of mica heating element every year, averagely !

STMAT accept commissioned design, OEM or ODM from global customers for every kinds of mica heaters,including simple structure like hot air blow gun,hair dryer, popcorn machine,toaster,microwave over, to complicated appliance convector heater, intelligent toilet,hand dryer,flat heater,meat baking machine etc. We involved dozens of species mica heating element products design and mass production.So every pieces of mica heating element will be made by finely crafted and very favorable price due the every corner of cost saving ideas are well concerned.

If you are in searching of good partner to support your idea to heaters based on mica materials, STMAT shall be your best option from made in China line,straight communication,fast response,competitive price,consistent quality, all in one service start from STMAT INSULATION.

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